This is Each State's Favorite Drunk Fast Food

I know "4/20" isn't about booze, but is there some crossover here? Someone looked at the go-to fast food that each state orders when they're DRUNK.

They did it by looking at Google search trends on the biggest drinking days of the year, like New Year's Eve and Fourth of July. And the biggest surprise is that Taco Bell did NOT rank very high.

Here are the most popular drunk fast foods . . .

1. McDonald's. It's #1 in 22 states.

2. Burger King, 14 states.

3. Wendy's, four states. (Mississippi, Ohio, West Virginia, and Montana.)

4. Waffle House, three states. (Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.)

5. Jack in the Box, three states. (Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho.)

Wyoming is the only state where Taco Bell ranked #1. And three other fast food joints also got one state: In-N-Out Burger in California . . . Whataburger in Texas . . . and Denny's is #1 in Alaska. 


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