Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 4/16 - 4/18

Extra Photos Alert!!

You are welcome!

Friday 4/16 -

Big day guys. Huge. I've been obsessed with this cropped puffer coat from Eddie Bauer since I first saw it last year. It was a collaboration with stylist, Karla Welch & I was in love with it, but really couldn't justify paying full price for this crazy coat. It went on sale like a month ago, but was sold out of almost every size. So I have been refreshing the website everyday hoping that my size might show up and IT FINALLY DID!! So I got the jacket and it came Friday!! I'm actually kinda excited it's going to be a little chilly next week so I can wear it!

Saturday 4/17 -

Saturday started with getting my hair done at Twiggs. I was really in need of some fresh highlights for spring and Evan crush it (as usual)

My friend Harry texted me and asked if I wanted to get sushi, so we went to Wakame for dinner. It was delicious!

We wanted fro-yo so we walked next door to Yogurt Lab but it was closed. Harry was very sad.

So we drove all the way to Eden Prairie to get it instead... lol

The teenage girl who was working at Freeziac told me she loved my outfit. My self-esteem was through the roof.

This is said outfit. BASK IN ITS COOLNESS!!

Sunday 4/18 -

I'm doing makeup for my friend's wedding next weekend so I got a jump start on brush cleaning.

Then I went for a walk to enjoy the 60 degree weather while we still have it.

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