Buzzfeed put together 25 crazy facts about videos from the '90s & '00s

WHOA! Here are 10 highlights:

1. BRITNEY SPEARS' schoolgirl outfit from". . . Baby One More Time" was from K-Mart, and it cost $17

2. The fist pump choreography from 'N SYNC's "Bye Bye Bye" was partly inspired by the Black Power salute.

3. In CHRISTINA AGUILERA's "Dirrty" video, there's a poster on the wall that says "Thailand's Sex Industry" and "Young Underage Girls" in Thai. The director later apologized to Thailand.

4. In Britney's "Sometimes" video, a woman behind her can be seen scratching her crotch.

5. CHANNING TATUM plays a shirtless bartender in RICKY MARTIN's "She Bangs"video.

6. Six years before "Breaking Bad",AARON PAUL was in KORN's 2002 video "Thoughtless".

7. LETOYA LUCKETT and LATAVIA ROBERSON found out they were kicked out of DESTINY'S CHILD after seeing the "Say My Name" video. They're not in it, even though their vocals are in the song.

8. BEYONCÉ and her "Single Ladies" dancers broke multiple pairs of high heels because they were dancing so hard. They had to do the routine 50 times.

9. GWEN STEFANI's "Cool" is about being able to accept your ex with a new partner. It was inspired by her relationship with her ex-boyfriend and NO DOUBT bassist TONY KANAL.

In the video, her ex-boyfriend's new girl is played by Erin Lokitz, Tony's ACTUAL girlfriend . . . whom he ended up marrying.

10. The BACKSTREET BOYS shot "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" on the mansion set that was used in the movie "Casper"


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