Bride Finds Out Her Groom's Mom Is Also Her Mom on Their Wedding Day

Okay, so we can't guarantee this is true . . . we don't have a great source on it. But it would be hard to make this up . . .

Last week, a couple was getting married in Jiangsu, China. And during the wedding, the groom's mother recognized a unique birthmark on the bride's hand for the first time.

The groom's mother asked the bride if she was adopted, and the bride and her family were surprised because that was a secret. But the groom's mother knew . . . because it turns out the bride was her LONG LOST DAUGHTER.

So there were a lot of tears and joyful reunions and all that . . . but it DID create a pretty serious problem, because now the bride was going to marry her brother.

But it turned out the GROOM was adopted too. And since that meant they weren't biologically related, they went ahead with the wedding.

I can only imagine how much all this messed up the seating charts at the reception, though. 

(Times Now News)

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