"Cash Me Outside" Girl Made $1 Million in Six Hours on Only Fans

It was five years ago that DANIELLE BREGOLI went viral as the "Cash me outside" girl on "Dr. Phil". What SHOULD have happened is, we all should have gotten a laugh from it and then forgotten about it in three months, six tops.

But that's NOT what happened. Danielle became a rapper known as BHAD BHABIE and continued to grow her fame and fortune. Especially in the last week.

Danielle turned 18 last weekend, and as gross as it sounds, a lot of guys were obviously waiting for it. Because she joined OnlyFans and made over $1 million in just her first SIX HOURS.

She made $757,000 on subscriptions, $5,500 on tips, and more than $267,000 on direct message tips.

That crushed BELLA THORNE's record of $1 million in 24 hours. It also makes me weep for the future of this country. 


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