If "Montero" Goes to #1, Lil Nas X Will Give You... Socks?

Parents just never learn. They didn't learn from Elvis, they didn't learn from the Beatles, they didn't learn from Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper, or Madonna, or Rap . . . and they're sure not learning from LIL NAS X.

The more they attack artists and blame them for the "inevitable" downfall of society, the more kids are going to want to listen to them. And you can bet Lil Nas X is riding that wave even harder than he rode Satan in his "Montero" video.

He's hoping to ride it all the way to the top. Yesterday, he Tweeted that if "Montero" goes to #1, he's buying all his followers a 12-pack of Hanes socks. 


(By the way, Nike won a temporary restraining order against the company that took their sneakers and turned them into Nas' "Satan shoes." So if you ordered a pair but haven't gotten them yet, you might be out of luck.)

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