Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 3/26 - 3/28

My wonderful boyfriend Andrew turned 30 on Thursday so to celebrate we headed to Lutsen for the weekend. On the way up we stopped to check out Black Beach in Silver Bay, MN. It has fine black sand and was so cool to see!

I made a birthday punch board for Andrew. He had to earn his punches so we played the card game "Golf" and if he won a round he won a punch. He only ended up winning 4 of the 9 rounds but of course I still gave him all the prizes since it was his birthday haha.

Saturday we went to Temperance River State Park and it was B-E-A-U-TIFUL. The snow was falling down but it wasn't that cold so we were able to hike and take in the sights without freezing. Highly recommend checking out this state park if you're ever traveling along the North Shore!

Andrew taught me how to play cribbage Saturday night. There are so many rules that it definitely took me a while to remember half of them but by the third game I had caught on enough and almost won but Andrew ended up beating me.

On the way home we checked out Palisade Head. The views were breathtaking but the cliffs were terrifying because I'm not the biggest fan of heights! We also stopped at Betty's Pies and a coffee shop called Cedar Coffee Company in Two Harbors that was really good!

Andrew's grandpa owns one of the cabins at Lutsen Resort. A lot of people asked me if it was an AirBnB you can rent, it's not but you can rent it from the resort. Cabin 409! We're hoping to head back up there this summer and hit more of the hiking trails and state parks. There's so much to do but we just didn't have much time this weekend to do a ton. Hope you had a great weekend and if you're interested in seeing anymore pics/videos of our trip you can see more on my Instagram! Click here.

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