Is Netflix Bailing on "Binging"?

Netflix reinvented TV . . . not just through streaming, but BINGING. They started the idea of releasing an entire season of a show at once, so you didn't have to wait a week between each installment.

Well, now they're experimenting with a more gradual roll-out.

Netflix announced that the second seasons of the unscripted shows "The Circle" and "Too Hot to Handle" will premiere in April and June, respectively.

When "The Circle" first premieres on April 14th, there will only be four episodes . . . with additional batches coming on April 21st, April 28th, and May 5th. "Too Hot to Handle" will follow a similar pattern, but the exact dates haven't been announced.

In a blog post, Netflix said, quote, "We're experimenting with the release format so you have time to dissect and dish on every step of the competition as it unfolds."

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