Signs You're Dehydrated

The next time you have a headache, you might not need Advil. Or, go ahead and take it . . . but chase it with a FULL glass of water.

A new poll looked at what we normally do to deal with symptoms that might just be signs you're dehydrated. Here are six of them, and what we normally do . . .

1. Headaches. 43% said they usually just take a painkiller. Only 1 in 6 drink water.

2. Feeling dizzy. 45% lie down . . . 20% close their eyes . . . and water is third at 18%.

3. Constantly feeling tired. Lying down and napping are the most common ways we deal with it. Only 15% hydrate.

4. Dry mouth. With that one, drinking water IS the #1 thing we do . . . because duh.

5. Constipation. Water is #1 again, but only half do it. Taking meds is next at 14%.

6. Indigestion. 42% said they drink water. 19% usually take medication.

The poll also found the average person thinks they only need to add one extra, eight-ounce glass of water a day to their diet. But they really need at least FOUR more glasses. And the top reason we don't drink more water is . . . we forget to. 


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