A Mom Is Arrested for Making Deepfakes of Her Kid's Cheer Rivals

Man, crazy parents have brand new ways to be crazy in this day and age.

There's a 50-year-old woman named Raffaela Spone from Chalfont, Pennsylvania. Her daughter is in high school and is on a traveling cheerleading team called the Victory Vipers. 

And Raffaela came up with a plan to get her daughter's rivals off the team. She made DEEPFAKE PHOTOS and VIDEOS that made it look like those girls were drinking, vaping, and naked.

She anonymously sent those pictures to the team's coach, and also to the girls themselves . . . and even urged them to kill themselves too. The reports say there's no sign her daughter knew she was doing any of this.

The coaches and parents called the police, and they figured out the pictures and videos were deepfakes. Then they traced the photos back to Raffaela.

She was arrested last week for cyber harassment of a child and other charges. 

(Philadelphia Inquirer

Here's her mugshot:

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