Top 10 Wedding Tips For Wedding Planning (Local)

Below are the Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips. These were submitted from Julia, she's local and great!

1. Create a budget and stick with it!

2. Trust the Professionals - The Wedding vendors you are working with are the most trusted experts in the business. Their job is to let you know what can and cannot work. Ask questions and be open to their responses. They may have great ideas to incorporate your vision within your budget, or meeting the venue requirements

3. Choose Vendors you Vibe well with. - You should trust your vendor to take care of a very special day. They can make or break the day for you. The vendor should be communicative, open and honest.

4. Ask Vendors for Recommendations - Each vendor has worked with MANY other vendors in the past. Ask them for advice and they may lead you to the best in the business. This also means I do not recommend any family doing the DJ or Photo services. If something goes south, it can ruin your relationship.

5. DON'T FORGET WHAT YOU ARE THERE FOR - Wedding planning can be very stressful, but remember the real reason you are there and what the day is all about. 

6. Plan a guest list first. - The rule of thumb is 25-30 square feet per person in a reception space. Create a general guest list and then pick the venue so there is ample space. Otherwise plan around the guest list that the vendor recommends for you if you pick the venue first. 

6. YOU WILL NOT PLEASE EVERYONE - Remember that the day is about the couple, and no one else. Do what YOU want because there is no pleasing everyone. And you most likely only get to do it once. 

7. Leave Room in your Wallet for Surprise Expense - Allocate 5-10% of your budget for surprise expenses such as Printing Mistakes, Additional Tailoring, Ribbons on Wedding Programs, Etc. 

8. Give your Significant other their own responsibilities. - They may not have been planning this their whole life, but it is their day as well. So give them something to plan or be a part of. Could be mens attire, cake flavor, DJ song lists, etc. 

9. Consider a Day of Coordinator or a personal attendant that can keep you on track the whole day. Having someone to do all the thinking helps keep the day running smoothly without and pressure on the couple to do it themselves.

10. Don't forget to steal a couple private moments just as a couple on the wedding day. It is a day full of entertaining guests and movement. Take a minute to soak it all in. 

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