The woman I look up to the most in my life

I was 19. Just got my own apartment and I was broke. Like broke broke. I had no food in my fridge. There was nothing to eat in my house and I was two days away from my next measly $700 paycheck.

I remember getting ready for bed with this painful feeling of hunger. That’s when my grandma called. She could tell something was off, and I was too prideful to ask for help. She ended up ordering a bunch of food and sending it to my place, even though she didn’t have a lot of money of her own, she always put me first.

I wish she was still around so I could take her on vacation or fly her down to spend the week with her great grandchild. I wish I made more sooner to pay it forward.

But, there’s no going back. I used to selfishly put my career ahead of everything. My entire perspective has changed now!! If there’s any positive about 2020 it’s the lesson it taught me... prioritize the family and friends you have. The community I have is the most meaningful thing❤️

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