Here Are Places In DFW Where You Have To Wear A Mask

Gov.Greg Abbott declared on Tuesday that "it's now time to open Texas 100%" and repealed the statewide mask mandate.

His executive order won't go into effect until Wednesday, March 10, but the CDC and other health organizations still suggest masking up when out in public. There's still places around the DFW metroplex and the state that will require masks. Here's some of them.


Businesses will have to choice to open 100% or use coronavirus-mitigation measures, like reduce capacity or requiring customers to wear masks.

Grocery stores:

Central Market, Albertsons, Tom Thumb, and Kroger will require employees to wear masks at stores. Customers are encourage to wear masks, but not required.

Target will continue to require both employees and customers to wear masks. It recommends that customers who don't want to wear masks consider placing orders for pick up.

Walmart and Costco will also keep its mask policy in place for employees and customers.


The Texas Education Agency will release new guidelines for public schools later this week. Private schools and colleges/universities are encouraged to follow TEA standards but not required to.

Dallas ISD said it will continue to follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including requiring masks.

Fort Worth ISD will continue to follow its current COVID-19 protocol until updated TEA guidelines are released. Frisco ISD said it will do the same.

Cedar Hill ISD will keep its mask mandate in place until further notice.

Planes, buses, trains:

As part of a federal mask mandate signed on January 21 by PresidentJoe Biden, anyone in airports, on a plane, train, or any other form of public transportation will have to wear a mask.

Federal buildings and land:

Anyone on federal property will have to follow the federal mask mandate and asked to follow social distancing.

Hospitals, doctor's offices, medical clinics:

DFW hospitals and clinics will continue to follow CDC guidelines requiring masks all patients, visitors, and staff members to wear a mask.

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