A Woman on TikTok Rates Her Celebrity Encounters

A TikTok'er who used to be a waitress in Los Angeles, posted three videos about the famous people she's waited on. She either got lucky or didn't want to dish too much dirt, because most of the experiences were positive.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were "gorgeous" and "polite," while Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow were "rude." Lady Gaga was "extremely nice," and remembered everybody's name, and Anna Faris was "kind, wonderful, and unbelievably nice."

In a follow-up video she said Keanu Reeves was "polite, humble," and a great tipper. Drew Barrymore was super nice, and "a ray of sunshine." Drake brought "so many security guards" . . . and he ate a kale salad, and was "nice."

In a third video she called Emilia Clarke "flawless" and "kind". Lin-Manuel Miranda was "amazing" and "super nice." She found TV producer Ryan Murphy to be "extremely intimidating" . . . but he was also polite and tipped very well.

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