TikTok Grandma Goes Viral (Local)

We got this great email from Christine, and we have her on the show this morning to talk about her viral TikTok Video!

I'm writing with a crazy story - first of all, I won't say old, but I AM a grandma!

Every Christmas I get a puzzle and we do it as a family, just an old tradition. This year after my son and I finished it he said, "we should do a TikTok where I destroy it!" I thought that sounded fun, so with one take he filmed me on my TikTok app where he comes in the room, sees that I'm all done with the puzzle and then he flings it off the table, it hits the wall and goes into a million pieces (not really, it was only a 400 pc. puzzle)

Anyway, I posted it and didn't think another thing about it. About 5 hours later I hopped on TikTok and saw that it had gone viral! Now a month later I have over 33,000 followers and that one video has been viewed 15.7 million times! Crazy, huh?!

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