Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 2/19 - 2/21

I started my weekend with a trip to the gym where I wore this cute/obnoxious cat mask that Dave gave me. I wondered if anyone would give me weird looks but I don't think I got any. Or I was too in the zone to notice. Either way, it's the comfiest mask I've worked out in in a while so I'll most likely continue to wear it at the gym.

Andrew got out his yearbook Friday night. Him being voted "most likely to interrupt class" doesn't surprise me at all. He interrupts me quite often when I'm talking and I know he doesn't mean it in a rude way but he gets excited about things and then just needs to instantly chime in. It's something he's been working on though because even if he doesn't mean it in a rude way, I told him that a lot of people would view that as rude and he's definitely gotten much better since we began dating!

Andrew got up earlier than me Saturday morning and brought me breakfast in bed. It might not look the prettiest but it was delicious!

We spent Saturday afternoon looking at condos. We did see a few great places but they were right off main roads and you could hear all the traffic. I need silence in order to sleep so those places were not going to work for me. I'm not in a rush to buy anything so I'm being a little picky right now

Sunday I went to dinner at Colita with my friend Holly. I had never been there and heard great things about it so I was excited to catch up with a friend and have a great meal at the same time :)

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