Who Do You Think is The Most Hated Band of All Time?

The most hated band of all time is pretty hard to quantify. I mean, ask 100 people who their most hated band is, and 99 of them will sayNICKELBACK. But if you ask them to name their Top 10, you'll get a wide variety of results.

Well, one website used SCIENCE and MATH to determine the most hated bands of all time. They created an algorithm based on things like "most hated" lists, message boards, and articles, and the came up with the top . . . or bottom . . . 21.

And yes, Nickelback scored the #1 spot. Which makes us a little sad for them! Here's the complete list:

1. Nickelback

2. Limp Bizkit

3. Creed

4. U2

5. Mumford & Sons

6. Bob Dylan

7. Phish

8. Radiohead


10. Dave Matthews Band

11. Coldplay

12. Green Day

13. The Doors

14. Metallica

15. Korn

16. Oasis

17. Pearl Jam

18. Rush

19. Nirvana

20. Spin Doctors

21. Linkin Park

Here's thewebsite.)

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