Man Confessed to a Fake Murder to Get a Snowplow to Clear His Street

Most of the U.S. is c overed in snow right now. And I know it's annoying when they don't plow your street right away. But is this the best way to handle it?

Europe has had a ton of snow too. And on Saturday, a guy in Ukraine was angry that his road wasn't cleared yet . . . so he decided to confess to a fake MURDER.

He called the cops and said he stabbed his mom's boyfriend in the chest and wanted to turn himself in. But he said they'd need to bring a plow, because there was no way in or out.

They ended up getting there in an SUV and didn't bring a plow, so it didn't work. And when they showed up, the mom's boyfriend was fine.

It turned out the guy's road HAD actually been plowed earlier that day, but he didn't think they did a good enough job.

It doesn't sound like he's facing jail time, but he could get hit with a very small, FIVE-DOLLAR fine for filing a false report. (For that price, maybe it was worth a try?) 

(The Guardian)

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