A Woman Using an Outhouse Got Attacked from Below by a Bear?

I get how snakes in toilets are a thing, and spiders in toilets are a thing. But I can't believe THIS is a thing: A woman in Alaska named Shannon Stevens went camping last weekend and stayed in a yurt, which is like a big tent. And the only bathroom was an outhouse.

On Saturday, she needed to use it after dinner. So she went into the outhouse . . . sat down . . . and immediately felt something BITE her on the BUTT.

She didn't even look down to see what it was. She just screamed, shut the lid, and called her brother in to investigate. And when he opened the lid . . . there was a full-grown BEAR staring back at him. 

The tip of the bear's nose was only an inch or two below the toilet seat. So they freaked out and ran back to the yurt.

It turned out you can access the hole under the outhouse by moving some rocks. So they think the bear was attracted to the smell, and pushed the rocks over to get in.

Shannon isn't sure if it bit her or got her with its claw. She was bleeding enough that they had to clean the wound and bandage her up. But luckily she wasn't seriously hurt, and the bear left. 


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