Jenny's Presidents Day Weekend in Five Pics!

My boyfriend, Andrew, and I have the Epic Pass which is a season snowboarding pass to tons of places out West and includes Afton here in Minnesota. We wanted to get two trips out West in to make the pass worth it so we planned a trip out to Colorado for President's Day Weekend. We started our trip at Vail and went a little too hard the first day because we wanted to get to the backbowls which are legendary (as you can see in this sign). It's a lot of work to get from the front of the mountain to the back. BUT it was totally worth it!

We had a crew of friends out there with us. We would start our days with "shotskis".

The second day we went to Breckenridge. We spent most of the day on Peak 6 which was so insanely high. I struggled a little bit this day because my legs were tired from traversing a bunch at Vail the day before but it was still amazing!

We never did get a good group photo but have some random ones of us taking breaks and waiting for everyone to catch up on the mountain. Andrew bombs down the hill super fast so he was always way ahead of the pack and didn't make it into too many pictures.

The third day (Valentines' Day) we went to Keystone. Every mountain was so different in terms of what it had to offer so it's hard to pick favorites but Keystone definitely had the best views! And I got to spend it with my Valentine who bought me chicken tendies at the chalet and found a rose bud in the ski line that he gave to me :)

And one bonus pic for the long weekend... After we finished at Keystone we sat outside in the village area at the bottom of the hill and had some drinks. It was cold this day so we had our drinks and left pretty quickly cause we were all starting to freeze. Andrew was driving and got distracted by a girl scout cookies stand so he stopped to buy cookies. While we were waiting for him to get back to the car with the keys, my friend Bridget and I started doing jumping jacks and running around to warm ourselves up so our friend Kayode snapped this pic of us, haha.

Hope you survived the frigid temps this weekend and looking ahead at my doppler, we should be back in the 30s in a week!

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