Top Qualities People Are Looking For in a Partner

We've got a new survey here that makes me think of the brilliant words ofJimmy Soulabout his wife in his hit song from 1963,"If You Wanna Be Happy". "Yeah, she's ugly, but she sure can cook, baby!"

The survey asked people what qualities they look for in a potential partner . . . and the number one answer was "good cook." 63.4% of people say that's important. Here's the full top 10 . . .

1. Good cook, 63.4% say it's important.

2. Trustworthy, 62.6%.

3. Makes you laugh, 57.6%.

4. Intelligent, 50.5%.

5. You respect them, 48.7%.

6. Honest, 47.7%.

7. Kind, 43.7%.

8. Similar lifestyle to you, 42.4%.

9. Similar taste in TV shows, books, and other media, 41.9%.

10. Similar hobbies as you, 40.7%. 

(Yahoo News /SWNS)

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