90-Year-Old Man Spent $10k on Ads to Tell AT&T How Bad His Service Has Been

This is some beautiful, next-level old man complaining right here.

There's a 90-year-old guy named Aaron Epstein in North Hollywood, California. And he's been really frustrated over how slow his AT&T Internet service has gotten over the past five years.

Quote, "As soon as they started introducing streaming like Roku and movies on TV . . . watching a movie was like slideshows." He called over and over to complain, but things never got better.

So he finally had enough earlier this month . . . and spent $10,000 to run ads in the "Wall Street Journal" to complain. One ran in Dallas, where AT&T's headquarters are . . . and one in New York City, so Wall Street might see it and put pressure on AT&T.

And it looks like his plan is at least moving things in the right direction. He got a call the same day his ads ran from the spokesperson for AT&T's president who said they'd see what they could do to improve the service in his area. (FOX 29 - Philadelphia)

(Here's the ad.)

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