McDonald's is Bringing Back Hi-C Orange!

What a day to be alive!!

After the S-Storm that has been 2020 and honestly, 2021 too, we finally have a bright light! McDonald's has listened to the cries of the people and are bring back Hi-C Orange!

As a McDonald's stan (plz sponsor me!!!!) and a true believer that there is nothing more perfect in this life than a Big Mac meal, I could not be more thrilled to hear this news! McDonald's announced today that Hi-C Orange Lavaburst (literally had no idea that was the official name) is coming back to menus nationwide after a 4-year disappearance. This announcement came just a week after bringing back the spicy nuggets (hot fire). Does this mean they might be bringing back even more items? Anyone else miss the Big & Tasty? Or is that just me? BRING IT BACK!

It looks like you'll be able to start enjoying Hi-C Orange at select McDonald's this month, otherwise you'll have to wait for the nationwide rollout in June.

Source: Delish

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