AND NOW The Proper Way to Make Mashed Potatoes!

Mashed potatoes are pretty basic. You just need butter, milk, salt, potatoes, and water to boil them in. But according to TikTok, you're doing it WRONG. And one of those ingredients should be replaced . . .

A woman in San Antonio blew up online after she claimed that you shouldn't boil potatoes in water . . . you should use CHICKEN STOCK instead. Or you can use beef stock depending on what type of meat you're serving.

Other people tried it and said she's right, they do taste better that way. She cuts it with a cup of water to dilute it, and then adds extra salt.  (Or a few bouillon cubes to a full pot of water would be a cheaper way to do it.)

After that, you just do everything else like normal. 

She says they'll end up creamier and more flavorful than if you just boil them in water.


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