Jenny's MLK Weekend in Five Pics: 1/15 - 1/18

I spent another day out at Afton snowboarding with some friends. I wanted to get better this year or else I was going to switch back to skiing and I think I finally have gotten good enough to stick with it!

In honor of the Packers playing on Saturday, I wore this old Packers bomber jacket I stole from my dad's closet of gear.

We left Afton in time to watch the Packers game. I'm so excited they're going to continue to move on and hopefully they can get past Tom Brady next week to get to the Super Bowl!

I played the card game Golf with Andrew. I won but Andrew was crushing me for a while so I thought he had it in the bag!

Sunday night we had date night. We tried out RH Rooftop Restaurant. I got the lobster roll and loved it!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day! I know this last year has taught me more about what MLK did for racial justice than ever before so I did take some time trying to learn even more today.

Hope you had a fantabulous weekend :)

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