Ben & Jerry's Making Ice Cream for Dogs

If you need more proof we treat our pets like actual kids, here you go: Ben & Jerry's just launched two ice cream flavors made specifically for DOGS.

They're called "Doggie Desserts." And instead of dairy, they used sunflower-butter as the base, so it's easier on dogs' stomachs.

There's a peanut-butter-and-pretzel flavor called "Pontch's Mix" . . . and a cookie-and-pumpkin combo called "Rosie's Batch." (Is it crazy that I kind of want to try both of those myself?)

They'll hit stores nationwide this month. Each four-ounce cup costs $3. Or $5 for a four-pack.

Ben & Jerry's isn't the first major brand to do this, by the way. Purina already has a line of K-9 ice cream called Frosty Paws.

But what we like about this one is the packaging they went with looks EXACTLY like normal Ben & Jerry's ice cream. So be careful when you reach into that freezer. 


(Here's aphoto.)

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