A destination that you wouldn't think to take, but should!

The pictures might look like some sort of an ocean setting, but this is no ocean at all. No, It's Lake Michigan!!

Traverse City Michigan is one of the most popular tourist cities in the summer. Tucked away in the upper east side of the Lower Michigan Peninsula, this quant location is ever summer vacationers dream.

I mean the water is clean as hell. Everywhere is swimmable. Especially right downtown at Clench park. Look at this!!

The "open space" was purchased by the city back in the day. Leaving a massive, gorgeous plot of land open to the public to roam and swim.

Just 30 minutes outside of town you can find a place called "Empire Beach." Massive sand dunes lined along the coast of Lake Michigan will have you grabbing your phone for the perfect instagram shot, like:

And don't forget about pyramid point!

What you don't see in the photo is the massive drop down to the lake!!

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