Jenny's Holiday Break in 10 Pics!!!

I can't believe the holidays are over already. However you celebrated (or didn't), I hope you had a wonderful time and enjoyed some relaxation from the year we all endured! I do have more pics since we've been off for a week and a half, so here we go!

I celebrated Christmas Eve with Andrew's parents and siblings. We opened presents and his mom got us one of our favorites, state fair tickets! Afterwards, Andrew and I went back to my place to eat takeout and watch corny Christmas movies.

Christmas Day we drove back to Wisconsin to celebrate with my family.

My mom is amazing at holiday decor and her tree is always my favorite. She purposely gets a tree with less branches so the ornaments can hang and shine through, and I just love it!

We stayed in Wisconsin for a few nights and one night I put together this charcuterie board. It's probably one of my best works yet! (I've only made 2 in my life)

My niece loved it!

I asked for a quieter blender for Christmas and my mom got me a Ninja. I didn't realize the blade isn't attached to the main piece so when I went to pour it in my cup, the whole thing fell apart and sliced my arm open. I posted about it on Instagram and got quite a few messages from other people that the same thing happened to them so BE CAREFUL if you ever get this Ninja blender!

Andrew and I hit up Afton one day.

And for New Year's Eve, Andrew and I celebrated together at my place. I still wanted to dress up and decided to put together this backdrop (a $5 tablecloth from Target and banner) so we could have an Instagram photo shoot. We took about 50 pictures, some cute, some funny, and some a teeeeny bit inappropriate (see more on my Insta).

We took a couple with his dog as well, she was not as thrilled about it, haha.

And then we feasted on lobster tails, a New York Strip, and not pictured, Fireball!

Excited to be back with the crew tomorrow! Thanks for checking out my blog and cheers to 2021!

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