Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 12/18-12/20

I went running Friday around Lake of the Isles. I get nervous when the ice is barely frozen over but I walked out on it quick after my run just to see if I could without falling in, haha.

Andrew came over Friday night to watch Christmas movies, drink hot chocolate, and relax. We did the relaxing part AFTER a whip cream fight ensued because he tried to attack me with the whip cream as I was being a nice girlfriend and adding it on top of our hot chocolate.

It was my little sister's bday so my family Facetimed us to help sing Happy Birthday to her. She's holding our nephew in this picture and he did NOT like our singing because he scream cried during the entire thing.

I posted on Instagram Sunday that I don't have a tree skirt for my Christmas tree because I'm cheap and got tons of messages for alternatives that are cheaper/free! So I went with the idea to use a scarf. So I have an infinity scarf under my tree as a tree skirt now.

Sunday night I saw my girlfriend (socially distanced) for a quick catch up session before she moves on Tuesday. She's not going far but she currently lives 2 blocks away from me and now will be 30 minutes away and when you get older, it gets more and more difficult to see friends when they don't live close (at least in my experience).

Hope you had a good weekend and if you're already off for the holidays, lucky you! If you're still working like me and Dave this week, I hope you'll listen to the show while you work!

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