Jenny's Vacation in Five Pics

I was on vacation last week so my boyfriend and I went on a 5 day snowboarding trip to Lake Tahoe. Four of the five days we spent on the ski hill to snowboard a total of 43 miles! I use the Ski Tracks app to track everything and this was from our first day.

We caught this sunset one night over the mountains!

We spent our time at two different ski hills, Heavenly and Northstar. This is from Heavenly and from the background I think you can tell why they call it that!

This is at Northstar. Sidenote, I was taking a picture of Andrew when a very nice skier asked if I wanted a picture of both of us. I offer to do that for people a lot because I know a lot of people are too shy to ask someone else to do it so I was so happy when this guy offered to take a picture of us. I'm not afraid to ask someone to take a picture of us but I would never ask on the top of a ski hill because then the person has to take their fingers out of their gloves and it's cold up there!

This is also from Northstar. I'm sure it's magical when the ice rink is up and running and the little shops are bustling but I also just enjoyed the calmness of no one around!

Hope you had a great week/weekend. Excited to be back with the show this week!

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