Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 12/4 - 12/6

Andrew and I got out to Afton this weekend for the first time and had such a blast! Although not a ton of runs are open yet, I had a great time because the weather was perfect! When it starts to get into the single digits, snowboarding isn't quite as fun for me because I have awful circulation in my hands/feet so I have to go inside a lot.

Andrew tracked our time there on an app called "Ski Tracks" and this is the results from our day. I don't go quite as fast as he does, but everything else is accurate!

Snowboarding was the highlight of my weekend so here's one more pic of it. If you zoom in super close above my left foot, you can see someone doing a trick called "buttering". That's Andrew, and we didn't plan that picture at all. Just happened to snap it at the same time he was doing it.

I ran some errands Sunday including a stop at Dick's to get some new gloves.

And I finally got all my Christmas decor up Sunday night! I think after Christmas I need to look into making my place more "homey" because I am LOVING the warm feeling my Christmas decorations brings to my place. I'm very minimal in year-round decor so I think I need to figure out what kind of vibe I'm looking for and start spending more time at Home Goods.

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