My Thanksgiving Debacle

Thanksgiving dinner was just like any other Thanksgiving. Food, food, more food, and served with a side of drama.

It was going great!! The in-laws came to our place. The meal tasted like heaven but the drama came with the dessert.

Our forks had all been used. Leaving us no other option but to serve the pies with plasticware. Plastic forks caused a split between the entire family.

When I pulled the plastic forks out of the cupboard, Jenn's (my wife) brother decided enough was enough. He started complaining about the fact that we have plastic forks, going on about the environment and the negative effects they have. Listen, i get it. They aren't the best option. But with a crazy 13 month old and the pile of dirty dishes in the sink it was our ONLY option at the moment. It gets better though.

He then decided that NOBODY was allowed to use the plastic forks. He proceeded to grab the box of plasticware, dashing towards our room after he did so. He hid those god forsaken forks in our main bedroom. Bold move, I thought. Considering he cooked a pie in an aluminum/plastic top dish. But, alas.

The forks were gone. Hidden in the main bedroom. Jenn was shooketh. She felt as if he shouldn't impose his movement in our house after serving him a three course meal. This lead to Jenn demanding an apology, Jenn's brother denied and instead stormed out of our place.

We found the forks.

They talked it out.

All is good now.


The holidays :)

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