Jenny's Thanksgiving Weekend in Five Pics!

I started my Thanksgiving with getting my test results emailed to me about the COVID-19 mail-in test I did last weekend. Once again, you can get a free at-home COVID test here!

I caught Andrew doing something despicable. He was eating my gingerbread house! He went in for the Sour Patch family I had outside my door, only leaving the dad behind. When I asked him what he has to say for himself he goes "Dad's next". WHAT??? I think he was just salty that more people voted for my house as the winner.

I made us some shrimp tacos one night!

Saturday morning I did a Zoom bootcamp that my trainer was teaching. It was all going great until I did something that caused A LOT of pain in my neck so the rest of the weekend I spent not doing much cause I've been in a lot of pain. I still don't know what I did. The perks of getting older!

If you didn't catch the sunset Sunday night, you missed a good one! The sky looked like it was on fire!

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving! Now bring on the Christmas cookies, am I right?!?

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