Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 11/20-11/22

I understand why it has to happen but I really am sad that gyms have to close down again. So I got one last killer gym workout in for the foreseeable future on Friday. (I am frowning underneath my mask, haha)

Since gyms are closing I asked for running trail recommendations on Instagram and am going to try out new ones as often as I can. I started this run at Schaper Park, it's part of Luce Line and Theo Wirth trails. I give it a 6/10. And I do not recommend going off the paved paths, they're a little rough for running.

Saturday night my boyfriend and I decided to make gingerbread houses out of brown sugar Pop Tarts. Now it's time to reveal which one I did and which Andrew did.....

*drumroll please*

Mine is on the right, his is on the left. I asked who the winner was on Instagram and according to the majority of the comments, it looks like I won. But I think he did a great job as well! If you want to see the full 360 view of them check out my Insta post.

These are the supplies we used!

The Minnesota Department of Health recommended anyone between 18-34 should get a COVID test done whether or not they've been exposed, so I ordered one in the mail (they're free), and did a Zoom meeting to complete the saliva test on Sunday. Now I mail it back and should have results in a couple days. If you want to order one yourself click here. I'm not sure how long the waits have been for the Zoom meetings, but just a heads up, mine said it was going to be 60 minutes but it only took 5 minutes for someone to hop on and do the test with me!

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