Jenny's Weekend Getaway to Duluth in Five Pics!

I went to Duluth this weekend with some girlfriends. We rented an Airbnb that was right in the Canal Park area and it was great!

I got up early Saturday morning and ran a few miles around the area. I love running around cities I don't know because it takes my mind off running and it's a fun way to explore!

We hiked Ely's Peak on Saturday. It was a pretty easy hike but we got lost many times. We missed the turn off to the main trail right away but then came across this trail with these beautiful rock formations!

We almost died on this hike. This is a complete exaggeration but we thought to get to Ely's Peak we had to go through this cave that was filled with huge icicles. It was warm enough that the icicles were starting to melt and fall down so we were terrified of getting hit by one. Once we realized we went the wrong way, we turned around and on our way back, one did come crashing down feet away from one of the girls so then we proceeded to sprint out of the cave to safety.

And one more group picture from Saturday night where we drank a little too much tequila and laughed our butts off while we played Cards Against Humanity!

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