Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 11/6 - 11/8

My weekend started with a surprise. A present was left at my door. There was no card but when I opened it I knew it was from my super cool bf, Andrew. He knew I had a stressful week and asked what he could do to make it better. All I said was help make my apartment feel like the holidays and he went out and got all of this for me. That's a bacon ornament and the Chameleon cold brew is my favorite!

I almost felt obligated to get to a patio this weekend since it was so nice, IN NOVEMBER, so Friday night I met up with some friends for drinks in the North Loop.

Saturday I went to The Walker. This was my favorite display all about fashion. Honestly, modern art is not my thing but I still like to give it a chance.

Saturday night Andrew and I went to Keg and Case to walk around and ate at Woodfire Cantina.

We really only get Saturdays off because Sundays are filled with show planning for the week. I decided to change up the scenery this week outside of my apartment and hit up Cafe Astoria to work for a bit Sunday morning. P.S. we're all doing Facebook Lives this week and I'll be making Chili Con Carne (as seen on my computer screen) Thursday night at 7pm. I hope you'll tune in :)

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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