Tina's Hilton Head Vacation Pictures!

It's true - I crashed my parent's anniversary trip.

To be fair, I was invited...

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last weekend with a road trip to Hilton Head, SC. They asked if I'd like to join them for the weekend portion of their trip & I wasn't about to turn down a vacation!

It's was high 70s and BEAUTIFUL!! We spent most of our time on the beach.

You ride bikes pretty much everywhere on the island. I loved riding along the beach in the mornings.

Several people asked if I went on vacation alone, and while that is something I would probably do, I was with my parents (photographic proof below).

This was the view from our hotel. South Carolina is SO PRETTY!! Also, this felt very Outer Banks (they film the show in Charleston) and I was feeling it!

We were staying at a Disney resort (duh) so I had to enjoy all my favorite Disney treats!

We checked out several of the best restaurants on the island (thank you all so much for your suggestions!!). These were oysters from Hudson's, that was definitely my favorite place we ate. It had a great atmosphere and service!

I dressed like a human. It was pretty big.

I loved Hilton Head so much I changed my flight from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday morning! I couldn't leave the beautiful weather!!

This was the sunset as I was flying out Wednesday morning. Probably the prettiest flight I've every been on!

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