Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 10/16 -10/18

Andrew and I had a low key Friday night of cooking dinner and I was asleep by 11pm (which is very early for me). We got up early Saturday and walked to a coffee shop. It was a kind of cold to sit outside but we're trying to soak up all the outdoor activities we can before the snow comes.

I've been focusing on strength training when I workout now so when I run I don't usually have a very fast pace but Saturday I managed to get my average mile under 9 minutes so I was pumped about that!

My girlfriend planned a Fall picnic for Saturday and although it was a little bit chillier than what we preferred, the wine helped warm us up!

Sunday we went to my boyfriend's parent's for some football and delicious chili. Here's Andrew with his adorable niece.

Hope you had a good weekend! Now who's excited for the snow to come this week??? JK, I'd like Fall to last a little bit longer.

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