Ways That Are 'Kid Approved' That Can Save Halloween This Year

Halloween Pumpkins

Like a lot of things in 2020, Halloween is going to need some tweaking to make it COVID-friendly.

  • Set up a candy slide- This COVID-safe work-around for trick-or-treating was invented by theDIY experts behind The Wicked Makersand it lets kids collect their candy from a safe distance. Use PVC piping or any type of slide, as long as it’s six feet long, and decorate it festively. Then one person stands at the top and slides the treats down to the end where they are collected by the kiddos.
  • “Ghost” your friends with sweets at their door- Drop off a Halloween-themed goodie bag at your friends’ homes and dash off before they see you. Be sure to leave a note that says “You’ve been ghosted. Happy Halloween” and include your names so they know who it’s from.
  • Do a Zoom costume party- As much as kids love candy, they love dressing up, too, so give them a chance to show off their costumes and party with their pals online.
  • Turn your house into a mini-neighborhood- This idea comes from a brother/sister duo who suggest having family members behind different doors in the house handing out candy. So kids can knock on the bathroom door, laundry room door, and any doors inside to collect their treats.
  • Host a socially distanced outdoor movie screening- Turn your backyard into an outdoor movie theater and play some Halloween favorites for the little ghosts and goblins. Be sure to have some individual bags of popcorn and candy and seat everyone six feet apart.
  • Choose a costume that’s mask-friendly- A clever eight-year-old explains, “Making your mask part of your costume is so easy!” Go with costumes that include masks, like doctors, nurses, firefighters, or mummies or get creative and incorporate a mask into your kid’s chosen costume.
  • Go Park-er-treating- Move your trick-or-treating to a field, park, or other open outdoor space and have the adults set up in a socially distanced way with different goodies. The kids can walk around and collect until their buckets are full. As one five-year-old puts it, “All I really care about is getting a lot of candy!”

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