Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 10/2 - 10/4

I started my weekend off by baking an apple pie. I've never baked a pie before so I thought I'd screw it up but it turned out pretty good! Recipe here.

I made a ridiculous video to go along with it if you care to watch, haha.

I worked at Bubba Gumps at MOA for 6 years and got very close with a lot of my co-workers but of course life happens and we never get to see each other anymore. We finally figured out a day to get together and grabbed dinner at Pajarito in St Paul!

I love Chameleon Cold Brew ($9.99 from Target)! On the weekends it a little treat for me. I mix it with some Chobani creamer and it tastes just like a fancy coffee from Caribou without spending as much money!

I spent a lot of the weekend with Andrew but I forget to take pictures sometimes so here's a picture of something I did the entire weekend, burn Fall-scented candles.

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