Dave's Weekend in Five Photos:

My weekend started with a flight back from Boston where I got to see my son, Carson. It was a nice trip and relaxing but everything was closed and that big city vibrancy was just totally missing. I was actually glad to be on my way back home.

Saturday morning, because we want to see Ava, we went to have a Covid test. Second one in a week. No results until Tuesday or so. It's pretty simple. I stayed in the car and everything was sent back and forth through the air tube, like at a bank.

There was no way I wasn't going to include this picture even though it's also on my Instagram @daveryankdwb. This is Ava's first smile that you have to admit there's no doubt it really is a smile! We've all waited almost 2 months fore this!

I stopped by my wife's Board and Brush store in Chan and ran into this charming mother and daughter who both listen to our show. Mom pointed out how cool it was that our show crosses generations, and she's right. I really love that about our show. So many people tell me about their memories of riding to school with mom or dad and listening to KDWB years ago and how they still listen today. I love that so much!

Sunday, I got all my show work done, my podcast was done and I had some time, SO I went out for a long walk. A few months ago I'd registered for the TC 10-Miler and was really struggling with the idea of running 10 miles. I'm just not in shape for it. But then on the walk, it occurred to me; Just walk the whole thing now. I already had a 3 miles start on it, so I just kept going. And since they sent the medal to me last week on faith, I slapped that thing on and got a picture!

Now of course, with no proof, I'd suspect that I was lying too! SO, here's your proof in this bonus "Sixth" picture.

And that's it! I'll be good to be back with my friends on the radio this week.

Have a great week and thanks for looking at my blog!


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