MN Goodbye: Return of "I Don't Know Sh** About SH*$" & A Picture Wall

Noemi's Travel Wall

Thank you to Noemi for submitting her "Travel Wall" to You Don't Know S*** About Sh**. See pictures and read about the inspiration and listen to the podcast below for Steve-O and Falen's honest review.

Email from Noemi

I wanted to submit my travel wall for, you don’t know shit about shit. So here goes, I rent and I can’t paint and had this giant wall behind our dinning room table with nothing on it for the longest time. Then I had a vision, to make it into a travel wall. So I got the map and initially I wanted a push pin map so mark all the places we have gone. The sign above the map says “wonder where the wifi is weak” it’s been an inspiration for this wall after a trip. The heart with the key over it reads “ I’ll be losing without you”. The wooden frame above the map to the right reminded us of a cabin we stayed at. The white hanging sign was made from my daughter for Mother’s Day. It says family love at the top with a hand prong and a smiley face, then has three hearts that sat near far and home. Lastly all the way on the right we have a memory box that we but in any stubs we have for the year, that get emptied and kept somewhere yearly, says “oh the places we’ve gone”. 
I look forward to hearing what you have to say! I have loved your segment and love my wall but want to know what you would do. To be honest I bought more frames to add to it. So if you think enough is enough say so if you think fill it up let me know :) 
Noemi Travel Wall Close Up

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