Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 9/25 - 9/27

I headed home to Wisconsin this weekend to meet my nephew that was born last Sunday! Friday my sister had the family over for dinner and I got to meet my younger sister's boyfriend's new puppy Howie!

My niece, Maddie, is almost a year and a half and I swear my new nephew, Luka, is almost as big as her! Maddie is so cute with Luka. She'll come up to him and wave and say hi.

Sunday we went to The Little Farmer which is the apple orchard I grew up going to and I hadn't been in years so I was pretty pumped about this. My niece loves animals and was very entertained by the goats (not pictured).

We did a quick photoshoot of Luka in front of some pumpkins and now I'm going to have get this picture framed!

And a group photo of all of us after we finished picking some apples.

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