Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Why I Got The Side Eye From Kristy

Have you ever started a project and gone, "this won't take that long" or said, "I won't spend that much time in Menards or Home Depot". I'm at the part of our home project where I feel like I bit off more than I can chew. I DO realize it will all be okay but at times it just feels like a lot and when I went over the weekend it felt like a lot.

Highlight of my weekend was from Friday when Olivia had choir but since she's doing distance learning she did it at home. During the performance I took a video which is when I caught the side eye that shook me to my core. The funny thing is I don't know if the side eye is because I was taping her or if its because of the singing. :).

Here's a game changer in our house. Our dogs drink a ton of water and seem to always get it on the floor, since we just put in new flooring we wanted to figure out something that would protect it and these dog bowls that they have to push on to get water have been a lifesaver.

Last two pics are from Sunday afternoon. We as a morning show wanted to all take pics from local businesses that we visited and I had forgotten to take pics from my trip to the 101 Market in Otsego but I did get a picture of the Dayton bar. A cool little biker bar in Dayton near a landmark that I talked about on the show last week.

The landmark is called the "Dayton Mansion" now that's not the actual title but that's what locals call it and the house is seriously big enough to be a Amazon warehouse.

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