Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Can You Eat These?

It wasn't the busiest weekend ever but it was relaxing and I got a lot done. I watched, I think, EIGHT episodes of Cobra Kai and I still love it even though it's super-cheesy and the acting is about middle-school-drama-class level.

Here's my weekend in five, count 'em, FIVE pictures!

Saturday morning I went out for a long walk in Lake Minnewashta Park. Along one part of the trail there were tons of berries and apples and what looked like cherries. I wasn't dumb enough to eat them but they were everywhere! If they ARE edible I need to go back and get some! Do you have any idea?

BTW,. here's a link to my blog with all the mysterious fruit I found on my walk.

All of us on the show promised to patronize a small, local business so we went out to The Longhorn Burger House in Lester Prairie because they have such amazing burgers! Remember to shop small and support local businesses. They need you now more than ever!

I didn't take this one but I thought it was worth sharing. It's my daughter's cat, Thor, in Ava's little baby seat.

I found this big bug in the backyard on an umbrella. It's huge!

And Sunday afternoon, I'm smoking ribs. It's always an adventure and I learn a little more about getting it right every time I do it.

That's it! I hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the last weekend of summer!

Thanks for looking at my five pictures!


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