I Put Together An Old Lady Bike For Susan

Monday. 1pm. This giant package arrives at the house. Only Chinese writing on it, and absolutely covered with packing tape. I texted a picture to Susan, "Do you know what this is?" She replied, "No, open it and find out!"

I opened it and realized it was the bike she ordered months ago and gave up on it ever getting here. It took a good 10 minutes to get all the parts unwrapped, un-zip-tied and un-taped. I laid all the pieces out on the floor and thought, "Well, I'll get to it later this week."

Then I thought, "Well, shoot. I might as well surprise her with it when she gets home.

So I dug in. Did I mention the instructions were all in Chinese? And the pictures were very small?

I had to use Google Translate to read them and even then, they didn't quite make sense.

After a few mistakes, I had it together.

She was pretty surprised when she got home!

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