'Cuffing' Season is Starting Early This Year

If you're single and dread the idea of being alone this fall and winter then get ready because "cuffing" season is starting early this year.

It seems singles want to secure their cuffing partner now so they’re all set if a second wave of coronavirus hits. Matchmakers gave advice for how to find someone to 'cuff' and things to think about since this year will be very different from years past.

  • Talk about your COVID risk tolerance- Be up front about your COVID status and the person you’re going out with should do the same. Vernon says you should feel empowered to leave if your date isn’t following the boundaries you agreed to, like leaning in for a kiss if you agreed to stay six feet apart.
  • Write down your non-negotiables- Figure out what you want and it’ll be easier to see when someone doesn’t check those boxes. While Vernon encourages singles to stay open-minded, she says making a list of ideal traits in a partner helps narrow down your choices.
  • Pay attention to bad dates- Try to look at them as a learning experience that’ll help you find the right person to cuff with instead of a waste of time.
  • Use the 9-3-1 rule- Vernon advises singles to set up nine virtual or phone dates, then from there try to go on a second date - maybe in-person - with three of them. After those, hopefully you can choose one person.
  • Be intentional in your dating app bio- If you want to be in a relationship this fall or winter, Vernon says you have to make it known, just try to do it in a playful way. Instead of saying “I’m looking for a serious, monogamous partner,” she suggests saying something more casual, like “Looking for someone to carve pumpkins with me and who will lend me their sweatshirt when we watch movies.”

New York Post

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