Falen's Long Weekend in Six Pictures 9/4-9/7

Hi! So it's Fall now it would seem! haha I am thankful the weather will be a bit cooler for our move, but also...I'm hoping for a few more sunny days! I hope you had a nice loooonnnggg weekend or at least got a little bit of time to recharge. Friday right after work, I went to pick up Jake. Tina met us at my house, and we met Steve and his friend, Kevin at Cane's for a delicious feast!

Friday evening we watched Mulan. Mulan is one of my favorite Disney films. I know a lot of people seemed disappointed because it didn't have the songs, and it wasn't funny. It was more serious and more action, but I loved it. It was like watching a new movie honestly, and we all really enjoyed. I did sing "I'll Make a Man Out of You" multiple times though!

We spent a lot of time packing, patching, painting and cleaning. There's still a ton left to do. We've been trying to do a little bit each day.

We got some HUGE mums at Gertens on Saturday. I was told Costco has them cheaper! Now I know for next year, but if you haven't been to Gertens before, go. This isn't an ad...it's just SO huge! If you like plants...wow! I also got a little snuggle time in with the pups. They haven't started stressing yet, but I worry for them. The new house doesn't have a fence, so I'm going to try a dog line. We'll see how that goes!

AND tonight we did the final walk through of the new house, so we grabbed our "sold" photo. I was always sad because I never got one for this house. I'm happy to have it for our new one (just missing Dillon and the pups:() The new place is in Minnetrista.

Tomorrow we go back to our regular hours, and Dave is back, so there's lots to be excited about! Thank you for checking out my pics!

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