Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: A Black Eye, Cucumbers and a Wake Up Surprise

Plenty of good things DID happen this weekend but we also had our share of problems. The problems started on Friday when Kristy, my wife, Olivia and Isaac were on the trampoline and Kristy's head hit Isaac's eye and he ended up walking away with this shiner.

One of the good things that DID happen over the weekend was we began painting walls in our house, we're about six months behind on quarantine projects and during a break I was able to pull even more cucumbers from the garden to pickle. things didn't go as planned. Saturday night we went fishing in Coon Rapids and it sucked, fish weren't biting, we couldn't catch a break.

Sunday is when things went from bad to worse.

Olivia went camped outside at a friends house on Saturday night, I went over bright and early with Dunkin Donuts on Sunday morning and thought it would be funny to deliver the donuts to the master comedy was frowned upon. I then went home to mow the backyard, earlier in the day a neighbor commented that out backyard grass was really long and when I went to use the lawnmower I realized the wire to the brake control had snapped so Kristy had to borrow a neighbors lawn mower. The following pictures are Kristy responding to the news that I woke our friends up when delivering donuts (as Isaac eats a donut).

Final picture is Kristy having to mow our lawn because it grows too fast.

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