Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 8/28-8/30

In the craziest year, we're already on our last weekend of August? That's just crazy to me. There have been so many big life changes for most of us. Some are exciting, and some are devastating. I just want to give you a virtual hug and say...I know things will get better. If things are "better" already, don't feel bad. You deserve it!

We're moving very soon, and I got our tubs form our moving company. I am known to procrastinate big time when moving/packing. Luckily, my mom knows this about me, and she's one of those people that just KNOWS how to pack. She and my sister are both great at that. Our weekend was honestly pretty lame because of it. We kicked off Friday with a little swinging in the park.

My one kinda funny story came on Friday. I packed all the books we want to donate in a suitcase. I had the idea to roll it around our neighborhood because there are multiple "little libraries". Jake decided to join me, but I was in a hurry. I was speed walking with it down the street. He was walking behind me with Olive. He was a few feet behind me, and we started noticing people driving by looking at us weird. We realized it looked like a woman leaving with a suitcase, and her husband and baby were chasing after her! hahahaha! Anyway, all the little libraries were full, so it was all for nothing.

Day one we tackled the kitchen! (We hired College Muscle Movers)

After a long day packing, we hit Monte Carlo for dinner. Their wings are SOOOOO good! We don't go often, but we should.

We've been watching "Ballers" at night. I have been a little frustrated with the show because I find that even the "intelligent" women on the show seem to serve a purpose of "massaging/cooking/hooking up with" the manly business men/athletes. I know it's a show, and I do like it, but it's a tad annoying.

Today we were back at it, and we tackled the basement!

We had breakfast for dinner and are relaxing now. Olive LOVES walking outside, and someone asked the other day, but I rarely put shoes on her. haha I don't know why. It's probably because it's easier, but I did just order her a couple of pair for when we go out in public.

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